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Yoga for the Neck and the Upper Back

It took millions of years for us humans to evolve and develop the kind of muscles in our backs that allow us to stand and walk upright. But for the century that passed, more and more people are turning into sedentary creatures, spending most of their day working behind a desk or slouching in front of the TV

All these take its toll on our neck and upper back muscles.

When we don’t use our neck and upper back muscles as much as they are meant to be used (Our ancestors spent most of their time hunting, walking, and gathering.), these muscles weaken and shorten. This shortening of the back muscles causes the muscles to tighten, allowing less blood to circulate. In time, this tightening manifests itself in pain and discomfort around the neck and upper back area.

The usual causes of neck and upper back pains are muscle strain from overuse, poor posture, and lack of or too much exercise.

For athletic people, neck and upper back pains from overuse and too much exercise may be a common discomfort they live through. But if left unchecked, this may lead to more serious injuries.

In most cases, however, pain in the neck and upper back results from awkward postures and poor work or study habits. If you position your head just a few centimeters the wrong way and sustain it, this may cause unbalanced stress on your muscles which always work in pairs. Needless to say, pain and soreness arise from stressing the muscles unduly.

So much unease can be avoided and so much time and resources can be maximized if you can assume a better posture,  adopt a better working habit, and be more aware of the natural balances of your body.

Here, Yoga has much to offer. There are many Yoga Poses which can help you achieve toned Neck and Back Muscles, making them less susceptible to injuries.

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