Step by step

1. Lie on your back

2. Straighten one leg up to a forty-five degree angle from the floor and glue it to the inside of your opposite knee. Turn out slightly in the hip and thigh and squeeze your buttocks and inner thighs together tightly

3. Reach for the outstretched foot, staying lifted in your chest. Lift tall out of your waist as you inhale. Imagine being pulled up by the force of a magnet.

4. As you exhale, begin rolling your spine down to the mat and stretch your arms back overhead

5. Repeat with the other leg without allowing your knees to come apart two or three times and end by pulling your knees into your chest and releasing you back

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Bassam Younes

Bassam Younes is a certified holistic counselor, transformational coach, and speaker. He has been teaching meditation for seven years.

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