Spine Stretch

Spine Stretch

The Spine Stretch is great for alleviating back tension, stretching the spinal muscles as well as strengthening abdominals.

Step by step

1. Sit on your mat with your legs extended a little wider than shoulder-width apart and your feet flexed

2. Lift your arms parallel to your thighs

3. Inhale as you lift your spine, reaching the top of your head toward the ceiling

4. Exhale as you round over, dropping your chin toward your chest

5. Keep your spine rounded, as if it were draped over a large beach ball

6. Repeat 5 times

* Bend your knees if you feel sinking in your hips or if you can’t sit tall
* Relax your shoulders away from your ears
* Pull your navel to your spine as you round over
* Completely exhale to engage your abdominals and stretch your spine
* Your goal is to stretch your spine-not to lay your chest on your thighs or to wrap your hands around your feet

* Strengthens your abdominal muscles
* Stretches your spinal muscles
* Lengthens and strengthens your postural muscles
* Stretches your hamstrings
* Eases tight back muscles
* Reinforces good posture

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