Step by step

1. Sit on the mat with the soles of your feet touching the mat and your knees slightly open

2. Bring your hands to the inside of your thighs and wrap your arms under your knees

3. Reach around to the outside of your ankles and grab your feet

4. Inhale as you lift your feet off the ground

5. Exhale as you roll back

6. Inhale as you roll up

7. Balance on your sit-bones and clap your heels together three times (like a seal clapping its flippers)

8. Repeat 5 to 8 times

* Your head and neck should never touch the mat-roll on your upper back only
* Keep your gaze on your bellybutton
* Drop your shoulders away from your ears
* Engage your abdominals by pulling your bellybutton to your spine
* Balance on your sit-bones by lifting through your spine and then rounding over, creating a deep scoop in your belly

* Eases spinal tension
* Enhances your coordination and balance
* Develops core control
* It’s fun!

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Bassam Younes

Bassam Younes is a certified holistic counselor, transformational coach, and speaker. He has been teaching meditation for seven years.

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