Roll Downs

Roll Downs

Roll downs help release tension in the spine, shoulders and upper body, and teach correct use of the stabilising abdominal muscles (transversus abdominis) when bending. They help mobilise the spine, creating flexibility and strength.

Step by step

1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart in parallel. Keep your weight evenly balanced on both feet. Check that you are not rolling your feet inwards or outwards and keep your knees soft. Make sure that your spine is in neutral and keep your tailbone down

2. Breathe in to prepare, lengthening up through your spine, and soften your head and neck

3. Breathe out, zip up and hollow your abdomen, drop your chin to your chest and allow the weight of your head to help you roll forward slowly, with your arms hanging and keeping your knees soft

4. Breathe in as you hang like a rag doll, letting your head and arms hang

5. Breathe out, zipping yourself up firmly, as you drop your tailbone down and slowly come up to standing, rolling through your spine vertebra by vertebra

6. As you roll back up, imagine you are rebuilding your spinal column by stacking each vertebra on top of each other to lengthen our the spine

7. Repeat four to six times

Watch for:
* You may like to take an extra breath during this exercise. This is fine, but make sure that you breathe out when you roll back up again
* Make sure that you roll down from your centre and do not sway to one side
* Do not roll the feet in or out. Keep your weight evenly balanced and try not to lean forward onto the balls of your feet or backward onto the heels

Modifications – back problems
* Stand against a wall sliding your feet about 45 centimetres from the wall – the distance really depends on your height, but you should feel comfortable
* Keep your knees bent with feet hip-width apart and parallel with your weight evenly balanced on both feet
* Your lower back will touch the wall as you roll down and up again
* For more security, you may also like to slide your hands down your thighs as you roll down and back up again

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