Leg Circles

Leg Circles

Step by step

1. Lie on your back with your legs extended and your arms by your sides, lift your right leg to a 90-degree angle, with your toes toward the ceiling in a natural foot position (neither pointed nor flexed)

2. Inhale as you move your leg clockwise through the first half of the circle; exhale as you complete a full leg circle

3. Repeat 5 times and reverse directions, moving your leg in counter-clockwise circles, switch legs and repeat

* Strengthens your abdominals, your quadriceps, your backĀ  and trips your hips and thighs to increase circulations in your hips and joints
* Challenges your core stability

* Draw an imaginery circle on the ceiling with your big toe
* Engage your abdominals and your quadriceps to move your leg, rather than using your hips and torso
* Make sure that your hips do not roll or move
* If you cannot lift your working leg to 90-degree angle, bend your supporting leg and place the heel close to your buttocks
* Drop your navel to your spine on each exhalation

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Bassam Younes is a certified holistic counselor, transformational coach, and speaker. He has been teaching meditation for seven years.

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