Patricia Leighton

Patricia Leighton

Pilates has been entwined as a part of Patricia’s life for over 10 years. Her passions and interests are as varied and extensive as the rugged and beautiful landscapes of her native homeland, Chile.
Once completing High School in Chile, Patricia felt the need to take a step back to explore her passions in acting, dancing, writing and exercise before devoting herself to study one. During this time Patricia was introduced to Pilates through her Jazz/Classical Dance teacher who included some of Joseph Pilate’s exercises into his classes. Patricia was taken by the exercises and wanted to learn more. She found the only dance studio in Concepcion offering Pilates classes and included it in her weekly exercises.

Choosing her love for writing and language Patricia completed a degree in Journalism.
She travelled extensively though her native South America and beyond, then living and working in New Zealand for two years. Throughout this time she continued her practice of Pilates.

It wasn’t until Patricia found herself unexpectedly in the USA that she had enough time to let things settle and see that Pilates would emerge as the one true passion that she wanted to learn more about and truly dedicate herself to. The catalyst for the reaction was an exceptional teacher by the name of Karla Adams who taught the BASI (Body Arts and Science International) method. Patricia was captured by the flow of the class, the focus of the movements and the discipline that created a workout that was good for you form/posture your inner self and aerobically a challenging workout.
Patricia undertook her BASI Mat Training Course under the guidance of acclaimed instructor Adams. She is about to continue her BASI Equipment training here in Australia.

Expect a thorough class, with controlled, efficient movements put together with a flow to music that will leave your body and mind in sequence. Expect a passionate instructor who is motivated to see growth and improvements in her clients.

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