Jan Denecke

Jan Denecke

In 2007 I started teaching yoga. After finishing a four-year course of Hatha yoga, I also studied Kids’ yoga. Wanting to find out more about Ashtanga yoga, I completed a nine-month training course in Ashtanga yoga in 2010. In finding my true path in yoga and becoming an inspiring teacher I let myself be inspired by my students and other teachers like David Swenson, David Williams and Sarah Powers. I love the combination of the warming ‘physical’ flow of Ashtanga and the calm approach of classical Hatha yoga. It is challenge for me to seek and find the perfect balance between these two.

I think yoga is a healthy challenge that enriches and explores each individual’s inner strength by training their body, mind and soul. My way of teaching is with a down-to-earth, open, practical and friendly approach. The most important intention is to experience the joy and pleasure of yoga.
Yoga is like a rough diamond. To recognize its true perfection and imperfection you have to view it from
all sides. Hold it against the light to see that every ray of light presents different shapes and angles to the diamond. But without light you see nothing and the diamond is just a hard, cold stone. In yoga I hope to offer every individual diamond its true glow and depth, and the experience of that peaceful feeling of joy, pleasure and life.
I am a Dutch yoga teacher living in Sydney Australia specialised in Ashtanga yoga, Vinyase (power) yoga, Yin & Yang yoga and Kids yoga. I teach at  Sydney Virgin Active, The Yoga Factory in Camperdown and The Life and Balance studio in Glebe and CBD.

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