Bassam Younes

“As someone who had not done any formal meditation classes, I was nervous and unsure of what to expect from my first group meditation with Bassam. I was worried it would be elitist and inaccessible, but it couldn’t have been more the opposite. I found Bassam to be humble and honest. I was inspired by the way he spoke from the heart. I left my first class with a feeling that I had stumbled across something unique, authentic and powerful.”

Sevasti James (Nurse)

Meditation teacher, Bassam Younes is a certified holistic counselor, transformational  coach, and speaker. He is a long time student of Vipassana, insight meditation and the lesser known spiritual tradition called the Fourth Way.

He has been teaching meditation for seven years and is currently teaching meditation to high school students at Cranbrook High.
What makes Bassam’s classes so unique is his deep understanding of the spiritual traditions and his profound ability to articulate the abstract in simple and practical terms. He is an impassioned believer in meditation as a primary life skill for happiness.

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