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Full Class Policy

Our classes are typically ‘drop-in only’ which means that you can just turn up.  For your comfort and safety, we also need to ensure our classes are not too crowded. Consequently from time to time the class you want to attend might be full. When this happens it’s an obvious bummer. So to lighten the mood, we will give you a free class voucher for next time.  Membership holders don’t worry.  The voucher doesn’t expire and is fully transferrable.



Shoes, mobile phones and the rest of your stuff

We all love a nice clean space for our practice. So as one big Yoga/Pilates community, we need to pull together and observe some housekeeping rules and have compassion for our mat mates…

Shoes are the great for protecting your feet against the elements. Unfortunately they also get quite dirty!  Please take off your shoes before you enter a class and leave them in the designated shoe area.  A clean floor makes for a lovely practice.

Sometimes we forget about our phones no matter how well intentioned we are. Please switch off your mobile phone completely if you can. Even in silent mode your phone may still vibrate, which can be disrupting during the still quietness of a class.

We’re okay with you leaving the odd item in the shoe area. However, anything you value including bags and clothes should come into the class with you. Just place them neatly on the side of the room.

When  you’ve finished your class, please try to put all your props back where they belong. This includes folding blankets and rolling your mats individually. It’s lovely to have a neutral space ready at the beginning of each class.



Getting to class

Running late
If you are running late to your class, please wait in the queue to check in with your membership card before you get changed or go to your mat.  It is really important that you don’t cut corners.  You may need to wait a few moments, but this will be fair on our whole community.  During our busy times, our Centre Managers need to direct traffic while they are in the middle of doing 10 other things at once.  Please do them and your mat mate’s a good turn by doing the right thing.
Membership cards

Please remember to bring your membership card to class.  It makes checking into a class really fast for everyone. Don’t worry if you lose your card as they are easily replaced.


Back-to-back classes
Some of our students like to attend classes back-to-back. We fully support this! The only thing we ask is that you please let us know you are doing this when you are checking in to your first class, or at the beginning of the following class. This applies to both Flexicard and Membership holders. It is important for us to track who does what class for lots and lots of reasons.



I bought a Flexicard and it says it doesn’t expire. Is that true?

Yes it is true! We were the first centre in Sydney introduce full value Flexicards over a decade ago.  We still occasionally get people coming with old battered cards that were forgotten at the bottom of a bag or in a coat pocket.  If you do present us with an old card, our new software system might say it doesn’t recognise it or there is an end date. But don’t worry. We will just manually override the system for you. You will always get your lessons when you buy a Flexicard.



I want to go on holiday can I suspend my membership?

Yes you can. We offer one week per quarter of membership. So, if you have a 26 week membership you can suspend your membership for 2 weeks. You will also be pleased that these accumulate! If you purchased 2 x 26 week memberships then you would be able to get 4 weeks off.



I want to go to a 6-week course, but can only make it to 4 lessons.  Can I pay for just the 4 lessons?

Sorry, no. We are pretty flexible most of the time, but for courses you will need to pay for all 6 classes.  Also, there are no make-up classes for courses. This allows us to put on more interesting and diverse things for you.

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