Freedom Of Travelling Alone

I find traveling alone to more of a mental workout than anything. When you travel with a few friends or a significant other, you have several other people encouraging the hard decisions to be made in one direction or another. When it is just you, you have no “yeah let’s go there” or “I want a beer in Ireland”. It’s just you. You have to make the decisions. You have to buy the plane ticket and plan everything from scratch. You’ve got to hit the search engines and find the information, you’ve got to figure out exactly how Europe works and you are going to drive yourself mad wanting to know what a youth hostel is. Traveling alone isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Ok, so are you scared yet? You shouldn’t be.

Actually, I was only kidding. If you slow your mind down and just understand that a truly unique journey does not begin when you step off the plane, rather, it begins when you confirm the purchase of your airline ticket before you even begin planning your trip.

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