Balanced Life

There are three main areas in a persons existence. These are body, mind, and soul. Additionally, there are two others that are of equal importance. They must be included in the formula in order to achieve true balance. These are having fun and being financially stable.

To achieve balance in your life, it is extremely important to lighten up and have fun every once in awhile. We can get so wrapped up in day to day living that we forget that there is a child in everyone just wanting to play. Set aside some time every day for fun. Do something that you would never think of doing when you are wearing your adult hat. If you feel uncomfortable, you can act like a child when you are alone. As time goes by you will become more accustomed to engaging in fun and because it makes you feel so good you will not really care what others might think of your frivolity. Remember to work hard in your life but take time out for play.

Although money is not everything in life, it is a means whereby you have the ability to get the things you want. Having enough financial wherewithal is important to the balance of your life. When you have to be concerned if you have enough to live the life you want, then you are out of balance. Decide how much money you need to accomplish your life mission and then go out and make it. It is important to enjoy your money-making endeavors. Life is too short to be stuck in a job where you spend the majority of your time looking at the clock and wishing you were somewhere else. Either change your perspective of your job situation or find another way to make money! Making money should be enjoyable. It should not be a chore that you detest doing. When you discover something that you enjoy doing AND it makes you money, you will have achieved balance in your financial life.

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